"Meeting Flutists" Vol. 1
Edition Salm, PF 252
CH-3000 Bern 25

"101 Flute Stories from the worlds best flute players"
by John D. Sinclair
Wind Player Publications

"Flöte Aktuell" (February1987)

"Flöte Aktuell" (March 1991 and 3/2009)
Review of the German Flute Association
Oederweg 155, D60381 Frankfurt/M

"Tibia" (Nr. 4/87)
Magazine for Friends of old and new Music for Winds
Moeck Verlag/Postfach 143, D-29223 Celle

"Flute Talk" (July-August 1989)
200 Northfield Road, Northfield, Illinois, 60093, USA

"Luister" (March 1991)
Holland Music Magazine
Postbus 9943, NL-1006 AP Amsterdam

"Syrinx" (April 1992)
Review of the Italian Accademia del Flauto
Via Innocenzo X.43, I-00152 Roma

"Traversières" (NO.69, oct.-déc. 2001)
Revue de l'association française de la flûte

"Falaut" (II/9 and VI/22, with CD)
Trimestrale flautistico

"FLUIT", (September 2005)
Nederlands Fluit Genootschap

"Traversières", (No.86, 2006/1)